20 September 2021
4:00pm BST : Digital Premiere

Press Release

Spring Summer 2022 was conceived whilst the UK was still in lockdown. EDELINE LEE states: “I was dreaming about our collective re-emergence into society - all of our repressed desires to dress up and get out and see new things, to fly up into the sky and blast ourselves all the way to the moon. I’d been exploring the possibilities of digital art for the past couple of seasons, and also wanted it to feel absurd, surreal, joyful, exuberant, abundant, diverse - all the colours of the rainbow. It felt wrong to order new fabric, so I decided to use up all of the leftover fabrics in the studio - we ended up with 53 colours in the collection.”

FRANKNITTY3000 (Hong Kong) worked on the animations for the designer’s directorial debut. “I love Edeline’s multimedia fashion presentations, and I was excited about the idea of being able to work remotely with this group of talented individuals. Edeline gave a lot of quite specific instructions about her vision. I tried to read her mind, and to add some flavours to the fashion palette.” said Frank. Edeline responded: “Frank deconstructs the body in a very similar way to how I design clothes, so I knew he would understand what I was seeing in my head. Then PETER SMITH (Los Angeles) manipulated the imagery for the lookbook - his work vibrates at the same frequency that I was on.”

All long-term friends and collaborators: TOM BURKE (London) wrote the spacey soundtrack, CHRISTINA WOOD of Kaleida (Palm Beach) contributed the mysterious vocals and KYUNG ROH BANNWART (Geneva) art directed the dreamy landscapes. From London, KATIE FELSTEAD styled, MARS WASHINGTON lit and shot the imagery and JAMIE NEALE choreographed. MATT GABZDYL at FINAL CUT stepped up to edit, and David Wishart and Tim Martin at THE MILL contributed the final touches. “The entire project was a truly collaborative, community effort and most of it was done remotely. We’ve been working for months together, but Frank and Peter and I have never met in person. I zoom them at random hours and turn off the camera - maybe it’s better to meet in our minds!” Edeline concludes.

Spring Summer 2022 features a rainbow spectrum of colors and techniques. Edeline approaches the pattern-cutting in spirited and feminine fashion - generously replicating and distorting each new idea. She confidently colour-blocks, creating directional versions of the house’s bestsellers. She explores the graphic possibilities of the house’s signature Ivory hand-covered Italian buttons and buckles. She analyses ribbons and bows, using them to whimsical and sculptural effect throughout the collection.


EDELINE LEE is a British-Canadian, London-based designer whose work has been worn by Alicia Vikander, Olivia Colman, Sharon Horgan, Sally Hawkins, Helen Mirren, Gemma Chan, Karen Elson, Taylor Swift, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Ciara, Cynthia Nixon, Amy Fine Collins, Queen Rania of Jordan and Solange Knowles. Her thoughtful approach features forward-thinking concepts about femininity, precise cut and refined craftsmanship.

FRANKNITTY3000 is a Hong Kong-based visual motion artist. A self-proclaimed Guerrilla Luxury Deconstructivist, he has collaborated with luxury brands such as Gucci, Burberry, Louboutin and Dior. His work has been exhibited at the Gucci Garden in Florence, galleries in Amsterdam, London, Beijing and Tokyo, and published in Wired, Vogue, Schon! and Numero.

TOM BURKE first rose to fame with his band Citizens!, known for their androgynous pop, radical music videos and collaborations with artists
and designers. Tom studied Sandberg Institut and is now making work that collapses the boundaries of performance, music, theatre and fashion.

KYUNG ROH BANNWART is a Korean-born, Switzerland-based artist who graduated from ECAL/Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne (Master in Visual Arts) and Central Saint Martins (Bachelor in Fine Arts, London). Her work investigates subject-object relations, the notion of objects and materialities, and exhibition as medium and its history.

KATIE FELSTEAD is a London-based fashion stylist that began her career at British Vogue where she worked for 10 years before pursuing a freelance career. Katie contributes to international titles such as Vogue, Glamour and Elle as well as independent fashion magazines. She is currently the Fashion Director of Glass Magazine and Glass Man.

MARS WASHINGTON is a London based DoP, photographer and lighting designer. His work focuses on people, fashion, narrative, music, and abstract expressionism. He has produced video work for clients including Apple TV, Netflix, Disney, Amazon, Esquire, The Rake as well as being published in Arena Homme Plus, Lazin, Godolfi and The Glass magazine.

MATT GABZDYL is a London-based video editor. After completing a Television Production BA Hons degree at the University of Bournemouth, he went on to join Final Cut where he currently edits films, music videos and commercials on the New Blood roster.

PETER SMITH is an American fine artist working in multiple media, living in Los Angeles. Lately consulting in film, but equally involved with photography, Smith has captured the likes of Amanda Palmer, Russell Brand, and Shepard Fairey. His Portraits of Inherent Divinity, an ongoing project, has come to compass tens of thousands of images, most of them of absolute strangers.



Stylist: Katie Felstead
Models: Storm Management
Hair: Paul Donovan
Makeup: Emma White Turle
Choreographer: Jamie Neale
Model Booker: Ludovica Poggi
Stylist Assistant: Rosie Borgerhoff Mulder
Legwear: Falke
Underwear: commando
Hair Assistants: Edoardo Colasanti, Thassio Leal, Francesco Merico
Makeup Assistants: Eoin Whelan, Emily Wouters, Martha Inou


Music Director: Tom Burke
Vocals: Christina Wood of Kaleida


Art Director & Set Design: Kyung Roh Bannwart
Website: Neo Khama
Floral Designer: Hannah Hunnam
Stills Retouch: Amy Brown


Photography, Videography & Lighting Designer: Mars Washington
Show Caller: Beatrix Ong
Digital Operator: Michael Furlonger
Assistant Camera: Teodora Yancheva
Gaffer: Kristiana Zhekova
Spark: Piper Louise
Refreshments: CPress


Editor: Matt Gabzdyl
Offline Edit House: Final Cut Ltd
Flame Artist: David Wishart
Colorist: Tim Martin
Online Edit House: The Mill
Offline Producer: Nikki Porter
Online Head of producttion: Gemma Humphries
Online Producer: Nicola Simons, Jasmine Lewis-Humphrey
Online Production Assistant: Chee Yen Wang


The 223 Agency: Stephen Lawton, Harriet Spence

Edeline Lee Studio: Millie, Lisa, Sara, Steph, Ryan, Pauline, Abdul, Anissa, Rachel, Ben, Mister Suleman, Sharif, Naima, Kadir, Sadiq, Juliet, Cara, David, Anamika, Jack, Rodita, Harper

Special thanks to British Fashion Council, Caroline Rush, Stephanie Phair, Sian Westerman, Barry Taylor, Kenneth Lee, Lynne Carr, Marie Kristiansen, Elina Chow, Peter Towse, Howard Tangye